Top 10 Features and Benefits of WhatsApp Business Account

A WhatsApp Business account is useful to interact with customers via chat. Just like personal WhatsApp chat, a business can connect with the customers by sending them messages or images on WhatsApp. WhatsApp business is becoming an effective tool for marketing.
  • Business Profile:

    You can create a WhatsApp business profile with the details of your business, like type of business, email address, etc. Business accounts play a crucial role with regards to customer loyalty. It provides a recognizable identity for brands. Achieving a "Verified" badge next to the company name is WhatsApp's confirmation that the account is indeed a verified business account.

  • Prompt Reply:

    Replies to standard questions can be given instantly by saving the answers as Quick Replies.This gives a customer the feeling that he is being attended promptly.

  • Automated Greetings:

    With WhatsApp for Business, you can draft a welcome message that customers get when they begin chatting with your company or if there's been no activity for 14 days from the customer. This also helps in quickly and instantly greeting and introducing your company to new customers without any delays or waiting.

  • Catalogs:

    Another interesting feature is the business catalog. Catalogs let your company display its products so that people can easily look through and decide what they want to buy. Instead of sending each item, price, and description separately, everything can be organized on your WhatsApp page

  • Contact Labeling:

    Companies can arrange their contacts by giving them labels, making it simple to find and manage them. This makes searching through contacts easy and keeps them well-organized in groups.

  • Analyze Message Statistics:

    This feature of WhatsApp Business account helps you to analyze vital metrics like number of messages sent, delivered and read,

  • Away Messages:

    Think of away messages like an informing note. They automatically tell people reaching out to your company outside of working hours that you're not available. You can write your own message or share your work hours. Just set them up to turn on when you're not working.

  • Interactive Messages:

    Managing customer requests efficiently is essential. WhatsApp offers Interactive Business Messages to enhance communication. Interactive buttons improve the overall experience by providing clear instructions on what users should do.

  • Integration with Facebook:

    Facebook Shops is a helpful tool that lets you make personalized online stores for your business. Connecting your WhatsApp Business account to your Facebook shop, allows customers to send you a message using the WhatsApp Business app.

  • WhatsApp Payments:

    This feature has been introduced lately. WhatsApp has teamed up with the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to create a payment feature. They used the Unified Payment Interface (UPI), which is a real-time payment system unique to India, allowing transactions across more than 160 supported banks.

WhatsApp Business accounts offer several features and benefits to businesses looking to enhance their communication and customer interaction. WhatsApp Business accounts cater to the needs of businesses, offering a variety of tools to improve customer engagement, build trust, and streamline communication processes.
It is a dedicated profile created so that the businesses can interact with the customers in a secured way.
The application can be downloaded for free. Charges may apply if you wish to use advanced features like using the account on 10 devices.
Download the WhatsApp Business app from the app store or google play store, install it, and follow the setup process. You’ll need to verify your business phone number during the setup.
Yes, you can either use the WhatsApp web or install the desktop version to use it.
To get verified, ensure your business phone number on whatsapp matches the phone number associated with your business. WhatsApp may provide a verified badge after a verification process.
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