SWIGGY Startup Journey

Case Study

Swiggy Food Delivery App is serviced based company runs ads campaigns and SEO to generate traffic.


-Food Delivery Services


-Online Ad Campaigns
-Social Media Marketing
-Search engine Optimization (SEO)
-Email Marketing

Swiggy: Client Brief

Swiggy operates on-demand food delivery business model, utilizing an innovative technology platform as a centralized point of connection between restaurants and customers. The dual partnership model employed by Swiggy is advantageous for restaurants, enabling them to attract additional orders from customers using the Swiggy app.


Swiggy marketing strategies

Swiggy employs a comprehensive marketing strategy encompassing both online and offline advertising initiatives, disseminating campaigns across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Social Media

1. Swiggy engages with its millennial demographic via social media channels.

2. The #SwiggyVoiceOfHunger challenge, launched in early 2019, proved to be a highly successful social media campaign.

3. Participants were required to utilize Instagram’s voice note feature to qualify for food vouchers valid throughout the entire year. The brand made this announcement on Twitter.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

1. Regardless of whether the brand operates on a global or local scale, search engine optimization holds significance.

2. Along with quality backlinks, it maintains its top position, thanks to well-executed aspects like thorough keyword research, effective use of alt tags, strategic interlinking, and optimized title tags.


Relatable Video

Running discount and offer ads with Influencers and creatives.


Step by Step strategy

1. Swiggy is dedicated to enhancing its technology-driven logistics channel and bolstering a specialized delivery network for greater efficiency.

2. Swiggy executes campaigns and leverages user-generated content to boost brand visibility.
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