Noise is Using Tech to Innovate its Product Offerings

Case Study

Noise is the E-Commerce brand who started journey with D2C brand then Digital and Social Mediums




-Social Media Marketing
-Influencer Marketing
-Youtube Ads

Noise: About the client

Amit Khatri and Gaurav Khatri, the co-founders of Noise, commenced their venture by providing mobile covers and accessories. Initially establishing itself as a Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brand, 20 percent of Noise’s business originates directly from its website. Looking ahead, the brand will concentrate on both online and offline channels.


Matching Changing Consumer Expectations

The brand is considerable efforts to align with evolving consumer expectations. In the post-Covid era, with heightened consumer health awareness, Noise is strategizing to unveil products with a stronger emphasis on health.

The brand’s commitment to prioritizing product quality and innovation remains fast in its pursuit of sustaining a leadership position.

Noise: Campaign Strategy

As a brand, Noise consistently prioritizes introducing unique elements into its marketing strategies. With a strong emphasis on celebrity partnerships, Noise recognizes their influence on millennials and Gen Z. The brand strategically selects celebrities as part of its ROI-driven approach, ensuring a resonance with the brand ethos.

For instance, having ambassadors like Taapsee and Rishabh Pant, who have navigated challenging times, reflects Noise’s preference for individuals who embody the spirit of being true noisemakers.


Marketing Strategy

1. In the future, the brand intends to allocate a significant budget to online marketing.
2. It has given that the average age of Indian consumers is inclined towards digital and social platforms.
3. That’s making it crucial to target them in the spaces where they are most active.


Relatable Video

Noise Smart Wearables ads which showing Rohit Sharma for brand promotion.


Step by Step strategy

1. The brand intends to sustain its leadership position by prioritizing product development and innovation.

2. There are no immediate plans to venture into the international market this year, as the brand perceives significant growth potential in the wearable segment within the Indian market.
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