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ECS is one of the top Digital Marketing Agency in the UAE. We have been delivering exceptional results consistently. We are a highly recommended company by our clients. WE provide a one stop solution for all digital marketing and IT related requirements. With ECS Digital Hub we will use all those expertise to deliver the knowledge to the digital marketing aspirants.
Digital Marketing Courses Brochure
  • Digital Marketing Overview:

    - Digital Marketing Basics
    - Components of Digital Marketing
    - Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing
    - How Digital Marketing Works
    - Benefits of Digital Marketing
    - Digital Marketing Emerging Technologies

  • Search Engine Marketing:

    This course covers -

    -Introduction to Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    -Fundamentals of Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
    -Keyword Research
    -Landing Page Optimization
    -Campaign and Ad Group Structure
    -Learn about budgeting for optimization of ad campaigns

  • Social Media Optimization:

    This course will equip you with -

    -Introduction to Social Media Optimization
    -Analyze how to build and engage the community
    -Explore various platforms of social media like Facebook, Instagram
    -Create effective Social Media profile Master in content creation with an understanding of creating engaging content
    -Practical knowledge of social media advertising

  • Website Designing and Development:

    Learn how to design a effective website with following skillset-

    -Basics of website designing -Learn about Plugins
    -Know the website designing principles
    -Learn about Web Hosting and Domain Management
    -Understanding web designing tools

  • Email Marketing:

    Learn how email can be an effective marketing tool by understanding -

    - What is email marketing?
    - Email Marketing tools
    - Design Email Templates

  • Affiliate Marketing:

    This course teaches you everything about affiliate marketing -

    -Learn the Basics of Affiliate Marketing
    -A step-by-step guide of affiliate marketing process
    -Affiliate Marketing techniques
    -Understand how to reach desired audience for effective Affiliate Marketing

  • E-Commerce Marketing:

    In this course we will make you aware about -

    -Introduction to E-Commerce
    -Techniques of E-Commerce -Understand dropshipping
    -Understand how online payments work

  • Growth Hacking:

    Our growth hacking course will help you learn about-

    -Introduction to Growth Hacking
    -Principles of Growth Hacking
    -How to use Growth Hacking
    -Role of a growth hacker

  • Content Writing:

    This course covers -

    -Basics of content writing
    -Proofread your content before publishing it on the website
    -Content writing tools
    -Difference between content writing and creative writing

  • Graphic Designing:

    By doing graphic designing course you will learn -

    -Basics of Graphic Designing -Increase creativity in your design with new ideas
    -Tools of Graphic Design like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc
    -How to create your design portfolio (sample work)

Doing a digital marketing course with us gives you unique benefits like working on live projects and free internships. Our courses are designed considering the latest trends in the digital marketing world.
Eventually anyone and everyone is eligible to start learning digital marketing with us.

To get more information on these courses or for any other query, get in touch with us today.
All the courses are online. You can choose batch timings as per your requirement.
Definitely yes! You are very much eligible to enroll to any course of your choice.
The top 3 benefits you get are free internship, live project experience, and onsite work opportunity along with other benefits.
Yes, of course. Learning digital marketing does not require any marketing experience.
The fees for each course are different. Get in touch with us today for more details on fee structure and discount offers.
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